PERLITE 4 cu ft/110L



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A volcanic rock, perlite expands after crushing and baking. It is known to dilate four to twenty times in volume when heated.
During dilation, perlite particles form white granules with tiny cavities or pores. The porous surface retains water needed for plant roots and forms air passages at the base of plants, thereby providing optimal aeration. Perlite varies in colour from bone white to gray.
The resulting, lightweight particles are made up of microscopic spheres with a porous, broken surface that promotes plant growth. This allows aeration and drainage of the root system and provides holding capacity for water and nutrients.
Perlite has served the professional grower for many years, it can help the home gardener solve a multitude of common problems.
In addition to promoting drainage and aeration in heavy clay soils, horticultural perlite provides optimum moisture retention for successful plant growth.
When horticultural perlite is added to heavy clay soils, water ponding and surface crusting may be eliminated.
In addition, plant roots may more easily penetrate the perlite/soil growing media and develop more fully.
Perlite can be particularly advantageous in modifying the structure of general garden soil, patio plantings, and roofscapes.
– Heavy soils conditioning improvement
– Used in potting soil mixes
– Odorless
– Mixes with peat moss
– Natural soil conditioner for lawns, gardens and plants.
– Helps prevent soil compaction to improve growing conditions
– Improves soil aeration: Used to improve drainage and aeration in potting mixes
– Neutral PH
– Weed-free soil amendment improves soil without adding unwanted ingredients