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BlueSky Organics Fert-Alive™ 1Gallon


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2-3-0 ORGANIC ENZYMATIC FORMULA – For Nature, By Nature
Fert-Alive™ is an organic fertilizer that packs a punch far more potent than its 2-3-0 analysis suggests. By using organic, non-GMO accelerated cold hydrolysis, we lock in the enriching nutrients in the organic material; allowing delivery of superior nutritional value to the plant and soil. By avoiding heat in the process, the natural enzymes, nutrients and minerals present in the raw materials remain in their natural form and do not become denatured through heat exposure. Therefore, more of the beneficial components are made available to soil microflora and to the plants themselves. This process makes it easier for both plant and soil to absorb nutrients, as well as improves the soil’s ecosystem.
Fert-Alive™ promotes the growth of microorganisms; these essential microbes are the engines that convert plant nutrients into absorbable forms. The microorganisms (bacterial, fungal and protozoan) provide vital support to a plant’s overall vitality and root structure.
Fert-Alive™ naturally creates a unique composting affect as the enzymes break down the nutrients locked in the soil and provide an excellent food source for soil microbes. Composting also helps to improve natural drainage in fields by breaking down the ‘till’ line, allowing excess water to flow outward and preventing flooding.
Enzymatic Formula is an easy-to-apply and ready-to-use fertilizer that can be applied throughout your crops’ growth cycle.