T-TekHydro LED Strip 24" - 6400K - 24W Grow Light




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T-TekHydro LED Strip 24″ 48 Led – 6400K – 24W Grow Light
Long lifetime 50,000 hrs.
High performance ≥110 lm/w
High power Factor ≥PF 0.99
Highest quality LED source
Using No Strobe led power supply
Self ballasted design with no adaptors required
Poly carbonate optically transparent LED protective Shield ,Dust and splash resistant
Utilizes Self- Cooling Technology to create the most advanced Horticultural lighting available today
Applications: Ideal for Horticulture
Seed starting
Micro Green Productions
Herb Productions
Plant Cloning
Any location where bright brilliance light is required
Color Temperature                                   6400K
Application                                                 Seed Starting, Clone Cuttings, Vegetation Growth, Micro Green
Actual Power                                              24W
Input Voltage                                             120V
LED Count                                                 48
Lamp Luminous Efficiency                    2640Lm
High Brightness Performance               110 Lm/W
Wavelength                                               Spectrum 380-780mm
IP Rating                                                    IP44
Lamp Lifetime                                          50,000 hours
Working Temperature                            18 – 60
Linkable                                                     7 units max
Length                                                       22.5 ”
Certification                                             CE, ETL, RoHS
Package Includes:
1 x T-TekHydro LED Strip Grow Light
2 x LED Mounting Clips, with Mounting Hardware Kit
2 x Eye Hook Hanging Clips
1 x Power Cord with On/Off Switch
1 x Daisy Chain Wire (Connects LED to LED)
DO NOT expose to water, drip or spray lines.
• ENSURE adequate airflow around lighting at all times.
• DO NOT connect more than 7 units together into one outlet.
• DO NOT force connections. Cords can fit only one way.
• AVOID looking directly at the lights when they are on.