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Fulvex® 1 Gallon



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Botanicare® Fulvex® – Root Drench – Foliar Feed
Fulvex is designed to work as a low dose additive to organic and mineral-based nutrient feed formulas at high or low pH levels. Fulvex helps to protect plants from oxygen deficiencies which in turn increases plants’ resistance to drought and other environmental stressors. Fulvex helps plants accumulate soluble sugar, increasing the osmotic pressure in cell walls, which enables them to better avoid wilting. Use Fulvex to increase seedling success rates, decrease seed germination time, and promote sturdy root development. Fulvex is also very effective when used as a foliar spray.
Guaranteed Analysis: Mg 1.0%
Usage Application:
Use with every watering during your entire growth cycle. 5 ml per gallon (1 teaspoon).
For foliar application: Add 2 tbsp (30 ml) per gal of water. Mix well and adjust pH to 6.2-7.0