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backcountry blend boost 10kg



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Green Planet’s Backcountry Blend Boost is a controlled release bloom booster developed specifically for outdoor crops that require a phosphorus and potassium (P/K) spike. This product contains the added benefits of calcium and sulfur to improve yield, floral development, color, and aroma. Designed to be top dressed 3-4 weeks into bloom.

Backcountry Blend features True-Cote Technology. This allows the unique micronutrient blend to evenly disperse over the entire fertilized range, resulting in better and more even absorption of micronutrients to the plant. This means better overall health and greater vitality for your crop.


  • Perfectly engineered blend of phosphorus and potassium (1:1 ratio) designed to deliver a uniform spectrum of P/K to your flowering plants.
  • Energy rich phosphate is required for starch synthesis. Adequate phosphate supply increases leaf expansion, the number of leaves, the number of flowers per cluster and accelerates flowering.
  • Potassium applied at the right concentration will reduce the likelihood of plant bending and stem breakage due to heavy flower set. With the added benefits of calcium to strengthen the cell walls, your plants are less likely to become susceptible to fungal and bacterial infection as well as stress due to cold and drought.
  • The only controlled release bloom booster on the market with the added benefits of sulfur, aimed to help defend against stress; qualitatively improving taste, aroma and volatile components.
  • Release dates will depend on the outside temperature, humidity, rainfall, and microbial action. In hot and wet climates you will need to apply less of the product to prevent accidental over-fertilization.
  • Custom blended formulation, designed to neutralize acidic soils and prevent nutrient deficiencies and lockout. Will bring most soils into the correct pH range.


  • Recommended application rate: 1 cup (0.5 lbs) per 100 square feet every 3 weeks after 3-4 weeks of bloom
  • For smaller sized containers: 1 tsp. per 2 gallons of soil, or approximately 1 tbsp. for every 2 foot of plant height.
  • Incorporating product directly into soil: 1 lbs per 10 cubic feet.

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