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XTrays Custom Made Rolling Benches



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Successful Indoor Cultivation
Your key to success is making the most of your available grow space. The indoor cultivation industry is flourishing, and with big profit comes big competition. The per-square-foot cost of warehouse space has more than doubled over the last few years in popular areas like Denver, CO and Seattle, WA. To keep ahead requires, among other things, cost control and efficient use of the space and equipment already in hand.
Grams per sq. ft.
The old standby of “Grams per Watt” is no longer enough to judge how efficient your growing operation is. The production per square foot, per employee, per nutrient, and per a dozen other things must be included. Your first step to operating at maximum efficiency is to take a look at your cultivation area or rooms. Is all available space being used beneficially? Is there enough open space for employees to freely move and tend to the plants, without damaging them? Will the plants have enough space to grow? What about relative humidity, lighting, and temperature? With some careful planning and design, the optimal balance between production costs and crop yield can be achieved. So, where do you start?
Get rolling benches
Rolling benches are one of the easiest and most practical additions to a hydroponic growing room. They allow you to use up to 50% more of the space in your grow room, which could recoup the investment with your first harvest. We also manufactures static (Non-rolling) benches, for those places where a rolling bench is not necessary or beneficial. Whether your benches are rolling or static, the plants are brought to a more practical tending height for workers. This increases their speed and efficiency, while improving their work environment and reducing injuries. In addition to the practicality of rolling benches for high-value crop cultivation, they also save electrical energy and make climate control easier. The increased airflow beneath the benches makes it easier for your climate control system to reduce humidity and reach its’ set goal while using less energy, particularly when compared to crops grown at the ground level.
Stack it
Clones, seedlings, and plants in the vegetative stage do not have the same height or light intensity requirements as flowering plants. So why sacrifice the same amount of space? Using one of our adjustable racking systems, you can have multiple levels growing at the same time while using the same footprint. Our racks are customizable to your growing style and facility, and can support the weight of plants in all stages of growth. Save that open floor space for flowering plants!
Get the right trays
A clean and organized grow room is a profitable grow room. Our food grade PVC trays, flood tables, and reservoirs fit seamlessly with our structures. The sturdy and strong Xtrays from Hydrotek Hydroponics are designed for commercial cultivation and among the best in the industry. We offer a huge selection of sizes, two drainage patterns, and the ability to design and build plastics that match your facilities design and functionality needs.
Harvest right
Harvesting, drying, and curing exposes your plants to many environmental risks that can reduce the final quality of your high value crop. Careful manipulation and minimum handling helps prevent the loss of quality and degradation. Mobile work stations, drying racks, and curing cabinets that can be brought to the harvest and then moved to their designated control area to reduce the amount of handling and redundant work. In an industry where quality dictates price, every aspect of the growing process must be included. We has a selection of mobile systems that will help you protect the quality of your harvest and improve the efficiency of your cultivation team. Rolling and static benches, mobile work stations, drying racks, and curing cabinets, can include lockable caster wheels, which makes plant transport and transfers easier.
Everything built for you and your business
We design and manufacture all our commercial benches, racks, and plastics in Canada. We offer a choice of pre-built plastics and benches in a wide selection of sizes, in stock and ready to ship. Custom sizes and shapes can be ordered to match your needs, with a quick production turn-around time. Make the most of your available grow space, increase efficiency, and enjoy the rewards.
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