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Worm Castings Nurturing Nature 10L


Nurturing Nature Organic Worm Castings are the odorless, natural manure of the earthworm
Completely non-toxic and safe around children & pets.
• Reconditions and adds essential nutrients and beneficial life to the soil
• Stimulates roots, resulting in faster germination
• Will not ‘shock’ or burn even the most delicate plants
• Provides continuous release and long lasting enrichment
• Increases vegetable yields & blooms
• Enhances moisture retention and aeration
• Increases resistance to disease, fungus & harmful insects
• Outperforms most commercial fertilizers
Use to enrich soil for indoor plants, container plants, flowerbeds, rose gardens, vegetable gardens, bedding plants, trees & shrubs, or top dressing for existing lawns.
Application Rates: Unlike other manures, hot composts, soil amendments and fertilizers, worm castings will not burn your plants. Application of greater quantities than listed below will do no harm.
• For indoor or outdoor potted plants: add a few tablespoons of castings around the top of each plant every four to six weeks. Water thoroughly.
• For re-potting: blend a mixture of approximately 10% – 20% worm castings with the new potting soil. Use a little extra at the base of the roots. Leave some room at the top of the soil to sprinkle an additional few tablespoons of castings. Water thoroughly.
• For bedding plants: generously sprinkle worm castings in the hole before inserting the plant.
• For established garden plants: lightly dig worm castings around the plants or sprinkle generously around the plants and garden and allow castings to soak in with watering.
• For trees and shrubs: sprinkle generously around the base of the plant or rake into the soil or lawn. Allow castings to soak in with watering.
• For Large Garden or Commercial Agriculture Crops: For large agricultural operations, or to create a foliar spray for leaf ailments, it may be best to brew a “casting tea”. The tea can be used both as a soil drench or a foliar spray. Obtain approval from your certifier if you plan to use worm tea in certified organic crop production.