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Vortex® DC Sprayer – 12V




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The spinning shaft of the Vortex® Sprayer creates a powerful eddy that not only stirs and lifts nutrients from the reservoir, but it also oxygenates as it gently and evenly distributes nutrients and oxygen to plant cuttings and root systems. This powerful system enables faster, more consistent propagation results while ensuring quicker growth rates and higher crop yields. General Hydroponics’ popular RainForest systems come standard with the Vortex Sprayer.
The Vortex Sprayer is a revolutionary device. The spinning shaft of the Vortex Sprayer creates a powerful vortex (a water twister) which stirs and lifts nutrients while oxygenating the reservoir.
The Vortex Sprayer provides plants with an oxygen super-charge!
Used in General Hydroponics RainForest 66, 236, and 318 systems

12 Volt