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Vacuum Seal Bags – 1/2 Pound Bag



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Zoompak Bags offers Medical Cannabis Growers, and dispensaries a variety of vacuum seal bag solutions for their packaging, shipping, and storage needs. Zoompak bags are available in a variety of sizes to meet crop yield, and storage demands. Our cannabis packaging products have been tested in the field by growers to ensure their reliability and effectiveness.
Designed with heavy duty odor, and puncture resistant barrier construction Zoompak bags have a 8mm embossed back, and a 4mm clear front making them stronger than any vacuum seal bag on the market for secure transport, and maximum security.
Not only are our bags stronger, but they’re faster too! Aside from being pre-cut, Zoompak vacuum seal bags were designed to be more efficient, and offer speedy sealing results, making them 30% faster than our competitors due to our advanced specially designed air channels. Our texture design, and specially embossed surface creating channels also allow for air to be extracted faster than any bag on the market!
Save time, and money!! Compare them with any of our competitors, and you will find that our Special Surface Vacuum Seal Bags, are superior, and cost 30% less than the leading brand.
Speedy sealing results with heavy duty odor and puncture resistant
Barrier construction ensuring secure transport & maximum security
High Efficiency in freshness and 7x longer than the leading brand
High quality vacuum seal bags
Preservation locks
Pre-cut and ready to use saving preserves your bud Your time and money
1 pound bag size: 11cm x 20.5cm