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Universal Clip-On Cell Phone Microscope 60x


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Universal Clip-On Cell Phone Microscope 60x


Excircle of eye lens barrel is threaded to ensure its easy connection to cellphone clip.

Excircle of lens barrel is added with semicircular rings to increase frictional force.

The matching between eye lens barrel cover and eye lens barrel adopts self-locking method, and will not loosen regardless of clockwise or anticlockwise rotation.

Lens is pressed tightly by elastic compressed spring inside lens barrel to ensure resistance to dropping and vibration.

The connection between lens barrel and battery compartment no longer uses screws and screw cpas, adopts high elasticity plastic parts instead, which ensures good apperance and convenience in use.

LED light source adopts soft light illumination design, without irritating eyes. Long Time use will not cause visual fatigue.

Switch is directly installed on battery cover. In time of insufficient lighting during use of viewing objects, it’s not required to lift up microscope, just directly rotating battery cover anticlockwise to turn on lighting LED. When detecting currency, rotate battery cover clockwise to turn on ultraviolet LED currency detecting lamp.