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Ultra-Lyte HOCL™ 3-in-1 1 Gallon



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Ultra-Lyte HOCL™ is a game-changer for sanitization without the use of harsh chemicals.
Hypochlorous – 500ppm of Free Available Chlorine (FAC). It is a very mild acid like orange juice. Not all Hypochlorous Acid is created equal. This product is “STABILIZED”, and is made using a patented Canadian invention. That is what makes it different from others in the market. It is on the Health Canada Covid List as proven effective against COVID by an Independent Laboratory.
Directions for Use of 500ppm Disinfectant: Spray on surfaces or use a cloth to apply. Rinse or wipe off after use. Our product is approved as food safe up to 200ppm and does not need to be rinsed off.
Potent Against Pathogens! Does not cause them to mutate.
Completely Natural, Hypoallergenic, Alcohol-Free, Animal Friendly. Kills VIROIDS.
HOCl is a multi-use 3-in-1 product (cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer.)
• Anti-Viral – Anti-Bacterial – Anti-Fungal – Anti-Pathogen
• Health Canada Approved
• Alcohol-Free – Bleach-Free – Perfume Free – Cruelty-Free
• Eco Friendly – Animal Friendly
• Kills Black Mold better
• Non-corrosive (will not damage fertigation/irrigation systems)
• Natural occurring substance
• No PPE required
• PH Balanced
• Hypoallergenic
Applications: Use in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Facilities, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial settings as well as Meat, egg, and poultry farms and processing plants as well as Cannabis, Cherry production, Wineries, Cucumber, Tomato, Flowers, and other horticulture facilities.
Use on hard surfaces such as Desks, Door Handles, Door Frames, High Traffic Areas, and horticulture tools and equipment. Use only on materials and surfaces that cannot be damaged by water.
Directions: Spray on the surface, or saturate the cloth and wipe on.