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T-TekHydro UVA Single BAR Grow Light



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UVA Single BAR Grow Light is specially for the indoor growing garden.

Designed for all growing environment reaching.

Benefit with the use of the UVA Led:

  • Can Increase Plant Yields
  • Can Increase How Nutritious Your Plants Are
  • Can Increase How Tasty Your Plants Are
  • Can Boost Terpene Levels

T-TekHydro UVA Single BAR Grow Light is the best choice for your growing operations.

UVA light has been shown to increase secondary metabolite activity in many plants, and this is also the case with cannabis. The most important secondary metabolites from a cannabis grower’s perspective are cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, as well as terpenes which give cannabis its distinctives aroma. Short wavelength irradiation, such as UVA and blue light, trigger the plant’s stress response system and plant starts to protect itself from the abiotic stress i.e. short wavelength irradiation. Increased stress level results in increased metabolite activity and therefore higher THC accumulation in flowers, when compared to light sources lacking UVA or blue light.


LED grow BAR:                       1 bar

Light Source:                          UVA Led

Spectrum:                               400mn

Coverage Area:                      4′ x 1′

Input Power:                          50w ± 5%

Input Voltage:                        120V          277V

Frequency:                              50 – 60 Hz

Lifespan:                                 ±5000 hours

Fixture Dimensions:             48″x2″x1.5″

Mounting Height:                 ≧ 12inch

Cord Length:                           8ft

Warranty:                               1 year

Certificate:                            CE , cETL, and ROHS