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T-TekHydro LED Single Bar Grow Light




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T-TekHydro LED Grow Lights are specially for the indoor growing garden environment reaching:
–>> High Level PPFD
–>> High PAR Value
–>> High Yield
T-TekHydro LED Grow Lights are built with high quality Samsung full spectrum white diode LM301B, and encompass a continuous range of wavelength from blue and green to red, creating a light blend suitable for horticultural uses similar to sunlight.
T-TekHydro LED Grow Lights encourage healthier and more balanced plant growth by stimulating photosynthesis, enhancing plant immunity and increasing nutritional value.
– Use Samsung LM301B, high PPFD —>>> replace HPS 200W perfectly.
– Full spectrum: good for both growth cycle and flower cycle —>>> high yield!!
– No Fan + No Noise design —>>> best for indoor garden plants.
– ETL listed for the Aluminum driver.
– Water proof UL list Power Cord
– ETL, CE and RHOS certificated
– 1 year warranty.
T-TekHydro LED Single BAR Grow Light is the best choice for your small growing operations .
80W – LM301B : good for the cannabis is available in 6 spectral options in a 22″ (559nm) slim form factor for tight grow environment. This Single BAR is well-suited for vertical farms, side-canopy, and intra-canopy use.
Model:                                      LED Grow Light Single Bar
Light Source:                          Samsung LM301B 192pcs + 660nm 24pcs per Bar
Spectrum:                               3500K + 660nm
PPF:                                          200μmol/s
PPF Efficacy:                          2.5μmol/J
LED Driver                             Constant Current, and Isolated Driver
Coverage Area–VEG:           4′ x 2′
Coverage Area–BLOOM:    4′ x 1′
Input Power:                         80w ± 5%
Input Voltage:                       120V – 240V Auto
Frequency:                            50 – 60Hz
Power Factor                        > 0.9
HID Equivalent:                  200W
Lifespan:                               ±50,000 hours
CRI:                                        >80
IP Rating:                             IP54
Relative Humidity:             23%RH – 90%RH
Fixture Dimensions:          48″ x 2″ x 1.5″(H)
Mounting Height:              ±6inch
Cord Length:                       6ft
Warranty:                            1 year
Certificate:                          CE, ETL