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T-TekHydro CMH 630W (2 x 315W 3100K) Complete Fixture




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Use in Flowering Cycle
630W CMH(2 x 315W – 3100K)
Do you love your HPS system, but need a more energy-efficient bulb? Switching to using the T-TekHydro 630W CMH Complete Grow Light Fixture will increase the growth, health, and yield of your plants and will lower your energy costs by up to 50%.
T-TekHydro 630W CMH Fixtures run much cooler than all other lighting setups, and do not need to be cooled with ducting and fan. T-TekHydro 630W CMH ballast is comprised of the highest quality components to deliver a high intensity and full spectrum output.
Using premium European (VEGA) aluminum, with 95% reflectivity.
This T-TekHydro 630W CMH Fixture can cover an area of approximately 6 square feet during vegetative stage, and approx. 5 square feet during the bloom stage.
This light fixture perfect for the indoor Commercial grow, or the larger home grow area.
With 10 ft power cord.
Warranty 1 year for the 630W Ballast only.
Included 2 x T-TekHydro 315W CMH 3100K Grow Light