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Supreme Perlite Coarse 4 cu ft 110 L



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Horticultural Grade perlite consists of a combination of large, medium, and fine perlite particles designed to provide balanced moisture holding and drainage when mixed with soil or other growing media substrates such as peat moss, coco coir, and compost.
• Propagation of seedlings and cuttings
• Soil conditioning
• Hydroponics
• Roof deck gardens and eco-roofs
• Nursery stock
• Hanging baskets
• Turf enhancement
• Newly planted trees and plants
Perlite is a 100% natural, heat-expanded siliceous volcanic rock. It is used to loosen and lighten heavy clay soils or as a medium for seed starting and root cuttings. Perlite is sterile, ultra-lightweight, non-toxic, durable, incombustible, asbestos-free, and virtually pH-neutral.

CHEMICAL NAME:                                Sodium Potassium Aluminum Silicate
APPEARANCE:                                        White granules, odorless
LOOSE BULK DENSITY:                      4.5 – 6.5 lb/ft3
pH (OF WATER SLURRY):                  Neutral
REFRACTIVE INDEX:                          1.5
HARDNESS (MOHS):                           5.5
FUSION POINT:                                     2300 – 2450 °F
FLASH POINT:                                       Non-flammable
SPECIFIC GRAVITY:                            0.4— 0.6 approx.
THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY:            0.27 – 0.41 °F @ 75 °F
SOLUBILITY:                                         Negligible in water and weak acids.*
* Soluble in hot concentrated alkali and HF; moderately (less than 10%) in 1N NaOH.
Slightly (less than 3%) in mineral acid.