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Sunblaster T5HO 39W 6400K Lighting Kit 3ft



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When you are looking for flexibility, reliability and performance for your indoor growing application, SunBlaster T5HO Lighting fixtures are your smart choice.
Cost effective and easy to operate, easy to install. SunBlaster Lighting fixtures and lamps provide outstanding performance and reliability for the long term, maximizing your investment in both time and money.
All SunBlaster T5HO Combos include our T5HO Electronic ballast, 6400K lamp, power cord with on /off switch, and jumper plug with both hanging and flat surface mounting clips.
This equates to very little wasted light energy in terms of plant growth and production.
SunBlaster T5HO lamps are not off the shelf, our Full Spectrum light recipe was designed to provide the highest quality grow lighting available for a wide variety of indoor or CEA growing applications.
Ideal for both Commercial and Residential applications.
Due to the minimal heat output of our SunBlaster T5HO lighting, fixtures can be be placed 6” – 8” above the plant canopy maximizing photosynthetic response and growth.
You will grow better plants!
Light Output                                2450 Lumens
Power Consumption                  39 Watts
Rated Life                                    10,000 Hours
Colour Temp                               6400 Kelvin
Lighting Angle                            103°
Voltage                                         110-130 Volts
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