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Sunblaster LED Strip Light 18″



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Full Spectrum Led Lighting
SunBlaster’s LED Strip Lights have a unique design and spectrum that ensures both ease of installation and dramatic improvements in both quality and yield.
Designed to maximize overall performance, economy and extend longevity, while providing the best possible lighting for all Indoor Horticultural applications without fail or compromise.
Our Self-Cooling Technology (SCT) allowed our engineers to push SunBlaster LED Strip Lights to maximize their output without creating unwanted heat, or wasting valuable electronic resources running cooling fans or other unwanted devices.
SunBlaster LED Strip Lights run virtually silent, and are mercury free.
Light Output                       1,950 Lumens
Power Consumption         18 Watts
Rated Life                            50,000 Hours
Colour Temp                      6400K
Lighting Angle                   120°
Voltage                                +110V