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SunBlaster IONIC CFL 23W



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Clean & Fresh Air - Healthy, Energy Efficient Indoor Lighting
Energy Efficient light bulb with a built-in IONIZER that cleans the air
SunBlaster 23W IONIC CFL light bulb works hard to clean and remove unpleasant odours common to all  indoor environments.
The ultra daylight output from the SunBlaster Ionic lamp is not only healthy and energy efficient, it also provides the ideal light for tasks that require high visibility and clarity.
Each bulb generates negative ions that attack positive airborne particles like smoke, mold spores, dust and pet dander.
Light Output                           1430 Lumens
Power Consumption               23 Watts
Rated Life                               10,000 Hours
Colour Temperature                6400 K
Voltage                                    110-130 V
Equivalent to                           100 W Incandescent Bulb
Base Type                                Standard – E26