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SolarMax 600 Watts Super HPS Enhanced Performance Bulb


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SolarMax 600 Watts Super HPS Enhanced Performance Bulb

Solar Max Super 600 Watt High Pressure Sodium Grow Light Bulb

The SolarMax 600 Watt Super high pressure sodium lamps are designed with the grower in mind. As plants approach maturity they require less “Blue Light” and depend more upon radiation from the “Red” portion of the spectrum between 610 nm – 720 nm. The SolarMax Super HPS bulbs have been engineered to constantly deliver 10% more targeted “Red Light” energy to the maturing plant to promote aggressive flowering.

  • Brand: SolarMax
  • Model: Super HPS 600
  • Wattage: 600 Watts
  • Color Temp: 2100K
  • Lumens: 95,000
  • Base: Mogul E39
  • Ballast: S106 600W HPS
  • Shape: T-15
  • Burning Position: Universal
  • Life (hours): 24,000+

Why use HPS lighting?

SolarMax HPS light bulbs are manufactured in Germany by an ISO certified factory with over 40 years experience in HPS and MH lamp technology, ensuring high quality and optimized performance. The reduced bulb size fits most grow lighting fixtures. Please see our complete array of 600 Watt high pressure sodium lamps 

The SolarMax 600 watt super high pressure sodium (HPS) bulb a great solution if you are looking to provide long-lasting and energy efficient “red spectrum” lighting for your indoor garden. This high intensity discharge (HID) bulb safely delivers 95,000 lumens to promote hearty flowering and fruiting of various plants including fruits, and vegetables.

Picking the right lighting for your indoor horticulture needs is imperative. Our HPS bulbs are engineered to effectively deliver the necessary amount of red spectrum light to your plants. This will promote aggressive growth of plants during their flowering stages.

These bulbs will fit most grow light fixtures , and have an extensive life of over 24,000 hours