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Q Plugs with Insert Tray



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Q plugs ® are the key to maintaining a clean growing environment. They are specifically designed to germinate seedlings and rooting cuttings in a closely populated tray system. Q plugs® are engineered specifically so that they can later be transplanted into a larger space. This space can be open fields, growing beds, or simply moved to larger containers.
Q plugs® with their stabilized growing media will allow you to inspect, move or potentially automate your handling plants without damaging the plant.
Most growers have their own requirements. Not one size fits all. For that reason Q plugs® have many options and can offer you a large selection of sizes and shapes.
Q plugs® provide more air porosity for better roots and provide more water control than anything else on the market. Better roots equal better healthier plants.
Regardless, using one of the Q Plugs® and tray systems will increase your production lbs. /size and increase your production cycles.
Ready to use, Just add your cutting or seedlings. Maintains air porosity for faster rooting. Healthier growth helps in disease prevention.
Includes Q-Plugs with excellent aeration.
Provides improved root growth for easy transplanting.
Ideal for all substrates and Hydroponic applications.
Pre-dampened for the ultimate growing experience.
Exceptional product for novice or experienced growers.
100% compostable.
Ingredients: Coco Coir, Sphagnum Peat Moss, Coconut Shell Bio Char
Plug Dimensions: 1 1/4″ Top x 1 5/8″ Deep
Included in the Kit:
50 cell soft tray
50 Q-Plugs