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Q Plugs Refill 50/Bag 40/40




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The iHORT Propagation Kit has been developed to give your plants a strong start in life with vigorous root growth and strong plant establishment. This kit provides an easy and convenient start to your growing, no matter what (or how much) you want to grow. Simply add the seeds, cuttings, clones or transplants of your choice. Once your plants are too big for the tray, the plugs can be removed and replanted; refill plugs go in easily to replace them.

Key Benefits of Q-Plugs:

  • Flexible aeration that encourages fast development
  • Optimum lateral root development
  • Pre-drilled for enhanced stem to media growth
  • Excellent water control
  • Insulation and natural buffering for uniform growth
  • Maximum cation rates
  • Easy removal allows for earlier handling with less risk of root damage
  • A sturdy plug structure that will not break down when handled

Suggested Uses: Use as a starter kit to get clones, seeds, transplants and cuttings off to a great start.