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PowerGrower 8-Pack Drip Hydroponic System



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PowerGrower 8-Pack Drip Hydroponic System

“BIG” plant plug n play 8-bucket system

The PowerGrower 8-pack is 8 PowerGrower modules connected to one GH PowerGrower Controller. The controller is an integrated 17 gallon reservoir & a 17 gallon controller unit. The controller will maintain the nutrient levels in each module while the reservoir actively recirculates the nutrient to keep pH and PPM levels consistent. This ensures optimized plant growth & provides the grower with a lower maintenance garden. The newly engineered plumbing design ensures uniform delivery of nutrients to each individual chamber. The kit is powered by GH’s Dual Diaphragm Air Pump & includes necessary hardware & Flora Series nutrients. The PowerGrower units can be arranged in a design to suit your growing situation.

This Complete system includes:
8 PowerGrower modules
17 gallon controller
17 gallon reservoir
Blue tubing & fittings
Air line & fittings
Dual diaphragm air pump
3-part Flora Kit
Clay pebbles not included.