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Plant Trellis Netting 120



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Plant Trellis Netting is designed to hook onto the frame of grow tent. The stretchable and flexible Trellis Netting can make plants evenly exposed to light and make plants grow more prosperous.
. High Quality Material: Made of elastic rubber and corrosion-resistant material, good flexibility, highly stretchable, strong and durable, long-lasting and reusable. Diameter:5mm
. Removable Hooks: Comes with 4 freely adjustable plastic hooks, they hook horizontally on the corners of the tent poles and can be taken off easily and quickly.
. Sturdy Support: Our elastic trellis netting provides a sturdy support structure that will effortlessly bear the weight of your precious stalks, leaves, buds, fruits and flowers.
. Hook & Play: Easy to install in grow tents, firm and durable and adjust the size.
Grow Tent Dimension: 5′ x ‘
Mesh size: 3.5″ x 3.5″
Square number: 12 x 12