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Payload Extractor Bags 4 bag



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Payload Extractor Bags are a new up and coming Business! They are very excited to prove to the world that they have the best-manufactured product, as well as the best service and delivery. The Payload extractor bag is the very best cold-water extraction system in production today. Payload offers a four-bag kit and a nine-bag kit at the best retail price in the industry. We are positive that those who choose to use this product will be very satisfied with their purchase. Payload Extractor Bags stand behind the quality of the product and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Bag Features:
-> Hand made.
-> Drawstring for a tight fit.
-> Industrial waterproof nylon sidewalls
-> Strongest Filter on the market, guaranteed pore size
-> Surge seamed with nylon upholstery thread for strength,
-> 4 Grommets for use in a suspension system
-> Filters are very sturdy and the increased design of filter in the sidewall allows the liquid to flow out of the bags faster and with less stress on a person physically
-> Simple easy to follow instructions included and online
-> All Bags are color coded and the bags numbered and labeled
-> High quality pressing screen provided

Payload filtration kits allow you to safely and efficiently extract the valuable resins that plants naturally secrete, without the use of any chemicals. Plant extracts have many uses and health benefits including: cooking, perfumes, shampoos and soaps, beverages, and aromatherapy.