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ONA Mist Dispenser



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ONA Mist Dispenser is a great way to control odors in small rooms and areas where the odor source is constant or repeated. Rooms such as bathrooms, entry or exit areas, pantries, workshops, and garbage collectionareas that are approximately 6000 cubic feet ( 170sq meters) are aptly serviced with an ONA Mist Dispenser – under normal airflow conditions. 


ONA Mist Dispenser has an electronic eye that senses bright light or low light. you can set it to only spray in the drak (low light) or during the day ( or when lights are normally on). Third option allows you to set it to spray 24 hours per day.

The spray is metered our in three adjustable time intervals – 7.5 minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes.


Customers often think the Dispenser isn’t working when they install the batteries ( requires 2 AA batteries)

It’s likely that it just seems like it’s not working as the unit dosen’t spray right away after the batteries are inserted into the unit and the door closed on the unit. There is a trigger switch that engages when the door is closed (often mistaken for a switch to push to make the unit spray once)

With new batteries and the door closed on the unit, it should begin spraying after time interval that was set on the inside of the unit. Also make sure the unit is set to day or 24 hours if you are just testing to see if it’s working.

ONA Mist Dispenser is designed to fit most standard 6 ounce aerosol cans, and can be used to dispense pesticides or other aerosols.