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Nutradip Portable pH Meter (AC/DC)


Nutradip’s portable pH monitor provides instant and accurate pH readings every time. It can be used both as a handheld device or wall mounted for hands free use! Featuring a robust housing and 9V battery supply, this Nutradip product is the perfect portable unit. The built in rear mounting bracket and available AC power supply allows it to be easily mounted for more permanent applications.
Operate on mains (AC) power or using a standard 9V battery (DC).
Nutradip pH Meter AC|DC
Nutradip pH Meters are the reliable way to measure the acidity of your garden’s nutrient supply. It is a continuous monitoring meter with automatic temperature compensation, and dc power built in for portability. Nutradip meters are engineered for accuracy and durability, helping growers measure and monitor their success for over 15 years.
• Wall mounted or hand held.
• AC & DC powered.
• High Quality Epoxy pH Probe.
• Replaceable 9 volt battery included.
• Light weight, splash resistant, and portable.
• Easy to read plant friendly display.
• Nutradip Calibration Solution included.
The Nutradip pH meter is made for all types of growing applications:
• Horticulture
• Agriculture
• Floriculture
• Aquaculture