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Nanolux Super DE Double Ended Fixture – FREE SHIPPING***


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We’ve pushed the newest & hottest technology in lighting to the next level. We’ve increased the standard 1150W output  to 1200W, now producing a class leading luminous flux of 160,300 lm. The upgraded components like the ceramic lamp receptacles, make the Nanolux DE Fixture the safest on the market. This fixture is commercial grade so its design quality and durability are second to none. The Nanolux DE fixtures are NCCS APP ready. NCCS APP(Nanolux Cloud Control System) is one of the many technologically advanced features offered exclusively by Nanolux. With NCCS APP, you will be able to control up to 999 lights on laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Like all of our ballasts, the DE comes with random start technology. Random start uses an algorithm that will start the ballast within a 0-15 second window. This allows for less initial power draw when using multiple ballasts.

  • NCCS APP ready -DTU and RTU sold separately
  • Nanolux sunrise/sunset with additional hi-temp shutdown Features through NCCS APP router
  • Out of the box plug and play installation
  • Best commercial fixture in its class for light uniformity reflector
  • Dimming: 1000W model has 6-phase dimming (600-1200 watts) and the 600W model has 5-Phase dimming (200-660 watts)
  • These units include a MaxPar DE lamp 1000W (2100 μmol) or with a DE Lamp 600W (1150 μmol)
  • Patented and exclusive ceramic receptacles (no melting plastic)
  • Other interchangeable reflector options
  • Compatible with other industry DE lamps
  • Slow soft start, open circuit and low voltage protection
  • 3-Year warranty on fixtures
  • Input voltage 208/220/240Vac,277V,347V
  • Input frequency 50/60Hz -output frequency 85-105kHz
  • THD ≤10%, PF ≥.99, CF≤1.7,-Ta = 30°( (86°F), Tc=65°( (149°F)
  • BTU output of fixture
  • 1000W Model – 4200 BTU     
  • 600W Model -2550 BTU

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