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Nanolux Cloud Control NCCS Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) – APP





Absolutely the coolest way to control your Nanolux lighting systems – from 1 to 999 ballasts or fixtures – and completely wireless! Nanolux DE fixtures have quickly replaced our Gavita sales because the fixtures offer virtually the same performance, with a lower failure rate and a lower price. They also manufacture some of our most popular DE and SE ballasts. The other great thing about Nanolux is their Cloud Control System, which blows the doors off the Gavita EL1 and EL2 controllers and any other lighting controller on the market today.

With traditional grow lighting, you need to purchase controllers for every 4, 8 or 12 lights you have. These controllers are usually hard-wired by an electrician and plugged into a timer to control the light cycle. Not only does the NCCS do WAY MORE than a typical controller, it requires no hard wiring and is less expensive than a single 4-light controller, and controls up to 999 lights!

The RTU is the data transfer communication device that is installed on the Nanolux Ballasts which allows them to communicate with the DTU. They receive information from the DTU communicating when to dim and turn on and off. They also send data back to the DTU on the status of the ballast.