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Matador Co2 Controller



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To have the perfect garden, you need the perfect environment. The Matador co2 controller will allow you to have the exact amount of co2 you want in the room / greenhouse.

The Matador Co2 Controller: monitors and controls CO2 levels in the range of 0 – 4000ppm


SENSOR                          Non dispersive led technology

RANGE                             0 – 4000 ppm

ACCURACY                     25-ppm +/- 3% of reading when compared against a certified refeerence.

RELAY                              Normally open, live contacts. 2Amps maximum capacity

PHOTOCELL                   Silicon phototransistor, set at 10%

POWER                            24VAC +/- 10% intermally resettable fuse. Maximum current ~ 2 Amps

This unit works with any type of co2 generator.

The Matador has proven itself to be the most reliable Co2 Controller on the market.