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KIND® Base 1 Quart



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Botanicare® KIND® Base 4-0-0
Part of the Kind® Plant Nutrient System. This nitrogen rich formula is unique because it contains all of the calcium without trace minerals, magnesium, or sulfur. By including trace minerals in the Grow and Bloom formulas growers can customize their calcium and nitrogen levels without affecting the balance of these essential elements. The calcium will help to increase flower sets and is necessary for cell integrity which will ensure the proper flow of nitrogen and sugars throughout the plant. This revolutionary formula was designed to allow for maximum versatility throughout the growth cycle.
The patented formula was developed to address the evolution of plant genetics and modern growing environments.
KIND uses powerful minerals combined with a proprietary blend of carefully chosen additives designed to run clean and support plants in aggressive growing environments.
Kind can be customized to meet specific plant requirements during all phases of plant development, delivering accelerated growth rates and higher yields in any grow media. By separating the calcium from the magnesium and trace minerals this system gives growers complete, ground breaking cultivation control.
Guaranteed Analysis Base: N 4.0%, Ca 5.0%
Usage Application: Shake well before each use.
Using Coco Coir or Reverse Osmosis water? Simply increase the base to increase your calcium levels. Kind is ideal for Coco Coir based media, RO Water, and plant types that require high levels of calcium and nitrogen.
Using Clay Pebbles, Rockwool or hard water where less calcium is needed? It’s as easy as reducing the amount of base you use. Simply manipulating the level of Kind Base allows you to precisely control the levels of both calcium and nitrogen to meet the specific needs of whatever Kind you grow.
Use during all phases of growth. Nutrient solution pH should be adjusted after mixing. Never mix concentrated amounts of Kind Grow/Bloom and Base, pre-dilute before blending together.
If growing in nutrient fortified potting soil reduce application rate by 25%.
Flush as needed to remove excess salts. Shake well before each use.
Can be used with Rhizo Blast, Silica Blast, Pure Blend Tea, and it is suitable for hydro systems, container gardens, and soil applications.