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House & Garden Soil B 5L


House & Garden A&B Soil Base Nutrient is designed to be used only in soil or high-quality soil blends. The unique composition of soil particles and existing mineral content requires an extremely precise composition of the fertilizer compounds to ensure that soil and nutriment is used to the full potential.
Soil A&B provides balanced nutrition for enriched soils, and contains every essential nutrient, including a significant amount of calcium.
House & Garden Soil Base Nutrient is composed of liquid nutrients and trace elements and contains no bulking agents. It is comprised of all essential mineral macro and trace elements and various chelating agents (humic and fulvic acids). These nutrients have been precisely blended to allow for rapid plant absorption.
In short if you want an excellent harvest from your plants in dirt; use House & Garden Soil A&B!
When preparing your nutrient container, fill it two thirds with water. First add part A of the nutrient and circulate well before adding part B of the nutrient.
Adjust the pH value to harmonize with the nutrient solution. Do not add A&B at the same time, as this will trigger a chemical reaction in the nutrient, resulting in solidification of some parts of the nutrient and causing incomplete nourishment for your plants.
Mix Rates:
At full strength, Soil nutrients will only need to be mixed at a maximum rate of 5mL / litre.
Product Tip:
For enhanced results, House & Garden Soil A&B is recommended for use with House & Garden Algen Extract. Extremely accelerated
growth rates are achievable when these 2 products are used in conjunction with in a soil media.