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House & Garden Cocos B 5L


House & Garden Coco A&B base nutrients contain an extremely precise composition of a large variety of minerals. Coco A&B nutrients are coco specific nutrients. They contain far less potassium than other nutrients to take into account the high levels of potassium released from the coco media during the growing cycle.
The special composition of the nutrient solution leaves the water reservoir pure and keeps it fresh. At the same time it provides an excellent balanced nutrient, ensuring optimal absorption at the root zone and delivering maximum growth potential.
Coco base nutrient is composed of liquid nutrients and trace elements and contains no bulking agent. This makes the transfer from the root zone to the plant much more efficient. Coco base nutrient is composed of the purest high-quality nutrients that are available on the market to date, including iron (Eddha-Fe). This enables the plant to absorb the nutrient quickly and effectively.
Coco A&B nutrients contain a full range of beneficial elements, with Humic and Fulvic acids working to improve the uptake and transportation of nutrients. Coco A&B is extremely pH stable and can be mixed with any additives or stimulants. Coco A&B will promote an increased absorption capacity of the root zone, resulting in maximum growth
For Best Results:
Coco A&B nutrients are best when run at a pH a of 5.5-5.8 ensuring maximum absorption by the plants root zone
Mix Rates:
At full strength, Cocos nutrients will only need to be mixed at a maximum rate of 3mL / litre.
When preparing your nutrient container, fill it two thirds with water. First add part A of the nutrient and circulate well before adding part B of the nutrient. Start off in the growth cycle with an EC1.2, increase following the grow schedule until the end of bloom and finish with an EC of around 2.0. Add any root growth stimulators or flowering stimulators at this point then top up the container to the desired level.
Adjust the pH value to harmonise with the nutrient solution. Do not add A&B at the same time, as this will trigger a chemical reaction in the nutrient, resulting in solidification of some parts of the nutrient and causing incomplete nourishment for your plants. Also this could cause some blockages in irrigation piping.
Product Tip:
For enhanced results House & Garden Coco is recommended for use with House & Garden Multi Zen. Extremely accelerated growth rates have been witnessed when these 2 products are used in conjunction.