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Hortilux Metal Halide Grow Lamp 1000W



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Hortilux Metal Halide Grow Lamp 1000W
Basic Metal Halide Series. Provides optimum spectral energy required for vegetative growth. High initial and maintained lumen output. High quality lamp for high quality plant growth.
Lamp Code: M1000B/U/BT37/HTL
Initial Lumens: 110,000
Rated Life Hours: 9000
Performance Spec:
Lamp Wattage:                                             1000
Replacement for Optimum Growth:        6-8 months
Replacement for Average Growth:          9-10 months
Replacement for Maint. Growth:             10-12 months
Initial Lumens:                                            115000
Color Temperature:                                    4200
Operating Position:                                    UNIVERSAL
CRI:                                                               65
Warm-Up Time:                                         4
Hot Re-Strike Time:                                  15