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Grotek Solo-tek™ Grow 6-3-7 500ml



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Solo-tek™ Grow6-3-7An engine of growth

What is Solo-tek™ Grow

Designed to provide everything a plant needs to grow a lush canopy full of potential, Solotek packs a serious punch. Taking over a week to mix this formula has both organic and mineral components that help plants grow vigorously when used by itself. Adding supplements only makes the results more incredible.

Key features:

  • One part nutrient suspension
  • Use for vegetative growth
  • Humic acid base helps ensure nutrient uptake
  • Very concentrated

A one part formula is good for your garden.

A one part nutrient that is easy to use and highly effective on a range of crops. A one part fertilizer is a better choice for soil and soilless gardens (anything with cation exchange). In a water system the benefit of a 3 part is an immediate change in nutrient ratios giving growers fast reaction to plant needs. But in media like peat or coco coir this benefit doesn’t have the same impact as nutrients move and bind in the soil or soilless structure delaying the interaction with plant roots

Organic-based suspension based technology with no added water.

This formula is very concentrated with a low application rates. High levels of humic acid ensure increased plant availability of nutrient solution and can also impact beneficial biology is present in a garden.

More than NPK.

A nutrient ratio meant for explosive growth. High levels of calcium to ensure strong plant structure to support heavy development. Different micronutrients help plants build structure that can increase harvest at the end of the season.

As a suspension the formula needs to be agitated prior to mixing.

With no added water make sure to re-suspend nutrients before use to ensure top results. Specific gravity so high it can’t be sold in a 23L because it will break the handle….that means a lot of nutrients and explosive plant growth in every bottle.

Directions for use

SHAKE WELL before using.

Fertilizer with Supplements – Soil/Soilless/Water Culture: Mix 2 ml per 1 L of water (½ tsp / 1.25 qt). Use as part of your regular fertilizer program during periods of rapid green growth.

Solo-tek™ Grow Feedchart

SOIL / SOILLESS : 2 ml / 4 L (¼-½ tsp / gal)
HYDROPONICS / WATER CULTURE: 5 ml / 4 L (1 tsp / gal)
FOLIAR: 2.5 ml / 4 L (½ tsp / gal)