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Grotek Kick Start 500mL



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Kick Start™ is a specially designed liquid nutrient that helps to promote vigorous growth during the early stages of plant development. Kick Start is a low ratio feed; its mild concentration allows for optimal new plant development. Use on new cuttings and recent transplants or before plants are mature enough to handle stronger nutrients. Kick Start can also be used effectively with coco or peat pellets to charge the medium prior to seeding or placing cuttings.

SHAKE WELL before using. Use Kick Start solution on very young plants or recent transplants. Mix Kick Start with luke warm water (approximately 20°C or 75°F) and generously soak the growing media with the solution. For optimal new plant development use in conjunction with a rooting hormone such as Grotek’s RootmaxTM. Repeat the process every 3 – 5 days until the plants are mature enough to handle a stronger formulation. 

Hydroponics & Soil/Soilless Applications: Mix 30 ml of Kick Start per 4 L of water (2 tbsp/ 1 gal). Double the recommended rate as the plants continue to grow.