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Grotek Bud Fuel™ Pro 1-3-4 1L



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What is Bud Fuel™ Pro

The transition from growth to blooming in flowering plants is an amazing transformation, but also a stressful time for plants. The nutrients in this formula help plants regulate flower development and build the root structure necessary to feed additional flowers. Using prior to flower initiation and through the early stages of bloom development can help each flowering site grow and produce more uniform fruit set.

Key features:

  • Transitional product (growth/flowering)
  • Highly soluble minerals provide for emerging flowers
  • Key organic extracts synergize quality minerals
  • Designed to work with Blossom Blaster Pro

A closer look:

Organic based bloom enhancer

  • Full of organic extracts, this formula works with the plant to increase key metabolites leading to increased flower production.
  • The organic content can also work to increase biological activity in the root zone enhancing plant growth further.

Ocean energy for maximum impact

  • Highly active kelp extract harvested from 4 different regions throughout the year ensures the highest level of plant enhancing organic compounds in every bottle.
  • The kelp impacts root development during a key stage of growth while also assisting with uniform flower set
  • High purity crustacean extract helps enhance the soil biology which can improve overall plant growth during the key transitional phase.

Rich source of plant derived organic acids

  • Low molecular weight humates can enhance nutrient availability, quality of soil and soilless media, biological activity in the rhizosphere, and root development.
  • Specific amino acids help plants drive key metabolic processes in the early flowering stage improving growth characteristics and production of naturally occurring compounds
  • Formula helps increase the number of flowering sites while Blossom Blaster Pro feeds those flowers during early development.

Directions for use

SHAKE WELL before using.


Soil/Soilless/Water Culture: Mix ½−¾ tsp per 1.25 qt of water (2-3 ml / 1 L). Use 3−4 times during a growing season, focusing immediately prior to and during flower development.

Foliar Spray: Mix 1 tsp per 1 qt of clean water (5 ml / 1 L). Spray plants to run off. Use 3−4 times during a growing season, focusing immediately prior to and during flower development.

Bud Fuel ProTM Feed Chart

Soil/Soilless: 2-3 ml / L (1/2 – 3/4 tsp / 125 qt)

Hydroponics/Water Culture: 23 ml / L (1/2 – 3/4 tsp / 125 qt)

Foliar: 5 ml / L ( 1tsp / 1qt)