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Grotek Blossom Blaster™ Pro 1L



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Early Flower Development

A high phosphorous formula that triggers flower initiation and key metabolic processes by enhancing the plants own systems.  

The nutrient ratios in this product maximize cellular metabolism ensuring peak flower development and improved overall yield.

Notes: E.C. Fertilizer

SHAKE WELL before using. Commence use during floral initiation before or at bud break. Apply 2−3 times per crop cycle, between bud break and fruit set.
Foliar spray: Mix 0.5 ml per 1 L of water (1/₈ tsp per 1.25 qt) and spray plant foliage.
Soil/Soilless/Water Culture: Mix 1 ml per 1 L of water (¼ tsp per  1.25 qt). PH adjust after mixing as needed.


Blossom Blaster Pro™ Feed Chart

SOIL / SOILLESS : 1 ml / L (¼ tsp / 1.25 qt )
HYDROPONICS / WATER CULTURE: 1 ml / L (¼ tsp / 1.25 qt )
FOLIAR: 1 ml / L (¼ tsp / 1.25 qt )