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GreenPlanet Zyme Capsules (10 Capsules)



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Zyme Capsules: What is it?

Zyme is a comprehensive blend of cell wall degrading enzymes and bio catalysts in a dry encapsulated formulation. The enzymes in zyme have the ability to degrade and convert dead plant material such as discarded roots and other organic matter into usable and readily available nutrients that keep the plant strong and robust whilst reducing potential pathogens and growth retarding toxins. Zyme capsules should be an integral component in every garden.

How Does It Work?

Zyme capsules utilise an extensive blend of enzymes designed to break down carbohydrates, starches, proteins and even hydrogen peroxide that when incorporated into a regular routine will keep the root zone strong and pathogen free. The enzyme blend speeds up natural processes that would take weeks or longer to occur allowing for optimum health and rapid growth.

Zyme capsules work well for growers reusing their growing substrate as it breaks down the dead roots left behind after harvesting that would normally be a food source for pathogenic microbes and now produces a usable food source for your plants.

A healthy root zone is able to assimilate nutrients at an increased rate allowing for maximum yields. Zyme helps perfect the cycle of life.



Why it Works?

Zyme works because it contains some of the following:

PECTINASE- an enzyme that degrades pectin found in calcium pectate which is the glue that holds cells together. By breaking down pectin, plant cells fall apart and degrade faster

CELLULASE- an enzyme designed to break down cellulose a major component of cell walls. When broken down it converts into sugar that the plant can take up and use as a food source.

HEMICELLULASE- an enzyme designed to break down hemicellulose which is also a major component of cell walls.

CATALASE-an enzyme designed to break down hydrogen peroxide. Zyme capsules can be used with peroxide products but at a reduced rate. Caution should always be exercised when using hydrogen peroxide.

Zyme contains nineteen different enzymes all with specific functions designed to keep your root zone clean and healthy. A healthy root zone is an efficient root zone allowing for maximum yields. The formulation is proprietary so wont list all the enzymes but you can be assured that zyme is the best enzyme supplement on the market. Over a decade of happy satisfied growers can attest to that.

Zyme also incorporates bio catalysts that assist the enzymes and promote rapid degradation and assimilation.

Key Points

  • Dry formulation for maximum performance
  • 19 different enzymes
  • Bio Catalysts
  • Maintains a healthy rootzone
  • Extremely Concentrated -1 capsule for 10 gal per 40 litres of water
  • Attractive point of purchase packaging
  • Proven to be the most effective enzyme on the market today
  • Fights pathogens
  • Makes nutrients more available
  • Bacterial and fungi free
  • Zyme can be used in hydroponics or soil
  • Can be used with hydrogen peroxide
  • Indefinite shelf life

How to Use It?

Zyme can be used throughout the life of the plant weekly or every second week at a rate of 1 capsule per gal/40 litres of water. The enzyme in zyme capsules can break down organic matter over and over making them very efficient.

If you are reusing your growing substrate then incorporating Zyme is essential for preparing it for your next round of growing.


Add 1 capsule per 10 gal per 40 litres of water weekly or every second week. The capsule casing will dissolve completely but if you want a faster mix rate pull the capsule apart and mix. Zyme can be used in any garden. onsul the ultimate feeding chart for more detailed feeding schedule.