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GreenPlanet pH Down 4L


Maintain optimal pH levels for the uptake of essential nutrients.
pH Down is our highly concentrated premium acid formula made to help maintain and lower the pH of a nutrient solution. Adjusting the pH to the optimal levels ensures your plants uptake the essential nutrients needed for all stages of growth
How it works:
pH is a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of your water or nutrient solution on a scale of 0-14. The level of your pH is an essential factor in deciding which nutrients are available for your plants to uptake, as certain nutrients will be easier to absorb at certain pH levels. Maintaining a stable and safe level of pH between 5.8-6.4 ensures that essential elements are available and can be absorbed by the plant.
A grower may have to adjust the pH levels of their solution for a number of reasons, such as the source of water being used or nutrients added. Plants growing outside of the optimal pH range will see slower growth and nutrient deficiencies. Our premium concentrated pH Down offers a clean formula for growers needing to safely lower the pH levels in their garden.
How to use it:
Add a few drops of pH Down to your nutrient solution to lower the pH levels.
Test pH every few drops until the desired pH level is reached.
The pH level should be checked daily.
Do not mix with pH Up.