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General Hydroponics® FloraShield 1 Quart



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Maintain healthy roots without resorting to harsh, toxic chemicals. FloraShield’s unique combination of compounds can thoroughly rinse systems and plants during all phases of the life cycle. It is safe to use on actively growing plants including roots, stems and foliage at all stages of growth. Florashield can be used as a drench for cuttings to clean them prior to rooting treatment, as a foliar spray and as a root drench. It is safe to use on live plants as well as the equipment used to cultivate them. Growers across the globe have attested to FloraShield’s ability to solve root rot problems.
To make standard Florashield solution – Mix 2 tablespoons (1fl.oz) FloraShield per gallon fresh water.
Propagation: Immerse cuttings in Florashield solution for 10 to 20 seconds, then immerse in fresh water to rinse, finally apply pronation formula for rooting.
Seed Preparation: Immerse seeds in FloraShield solution for several minutes to clean seed prior to germination.
Root Drench: Use a watering can to drench plant roots with standard FloraShield solution. Apply every week or two to maintain root cleanliness.
Hydroponic Reservoir: Mix Florashield solution in reservoir. Circulate for an hour or two, then add nutrients to solution as usual.
Foliar Application: Spray leaves and stems thoroughly with FloraShield solution, be sure to soak the undersides of foliage.
Rooting Media: Pre-soak media in FlorShield solution. O r soak used media overnight for reuse. Reuse clay pebbles or rockwool, do not use media that is contaminated or deteriorated.