Gavita HortiStar 1000 DE Reflector



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The reflector is one of the key elements of an efficient lighting installation. You can have the best ballast and the best lamp, but without a good reflector you waste a lot of light, every day you use it. Keeping your reflectors in optimal condition is a must for good results.

In horticulture we see that reflectors can lose more than 5% of their efficiency per year due to (chemical and environmental) deposits. That is valuable light that will not reach your crop. As tests have shown it is almost impossible to clean reflective material without damaging them it is important that you use reflectors that are made of the best materials and, if needed, can be replaced.

Replacing a Gavita reflector is a breeze (we recommend to do this every year to two years) thanks to the standardized mounting stem with the release latch.

There is a choice of replacement reflectors:

  • The HR96 DE for overlapping configurations, assuring optimal uniformity and penetration. This is the industry standard reflector delivered with the fixture.
  • The W 150 DE for wide configurations, where uniformity and lower light levels are required in large rooms. 150 degrees beam angle, for double ended lamps.
  • The M 110 DE SR for applications in single rows and small rooms, where a single reflector needs to create uniformity and high light levels. 110 degrees beam angle, for double ended lamps.

The Gavita HortiStar 750/1000 reflector comes with a HR96 industry standard Miro aluminum reflector. The fixture is suitable for double ended HPS/MH lamps rated for open fixtures up to 1000 watt. The lamp cord terminal is shielded by a metal housing. Installation is very easy with the two eye bolts.

Features & Benefits


Due to the high quality materials and horticultural design of the reflector you are guaranteed the highest light levels on our crop.

Replaceable reflector

All our reflectors are easily replaceable, guaranteeing optimal performance of your equipment and prolonging the life of our investment.

Rugged design

Made of coated, die-cast aluminum the reflector bracket is extremely stable and durable, made for a life-long of trouble-free use.

Industry standard HR96 reflector included

“The mother of all DE reflectors” – the HR96 is often copied, but never surpassed. It is a precision, hand-made instrument with incredible precision and uniformity.


  • Input Connection:        Wieland RST IP 65
  • Reflector Material:       Gavita HortiStar HR 96 600 Vega aluminum reflector
  • Lamp holder:                Lamp holder: Vossloh Schwabe k12 x 30s
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