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Gavita ECM1 External Contactor Module 240V




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Gavita ECM1 – External Contactor Module
240V 15A
For our EL2 controllers we developed an External Contactor Module, the ECM1. As the Master Controller works on a low voltage output, it is not capable of switching auxiliary equipment. With the ECM1 you can extend the functionality of your EL2 controller to switch auxiliary equipment, such as heaters, dehumidifiers and CO2 equipment during the lights on or lights off cycle, according to the controller set lighting hours.
The Gavita Master controller EL2 has two outputs for optional External Contactor Modules (ECMs). These industry grade contactor units can switch a load up to 15 amps of accessories during either lights on or lights off period. As the ECMs are steered by a low voltage signal you can even locate them close to the accessories themselves, enabling easy installation and optimal flexibility. The come with localized male and female plugs so that installing auxiliary equipment is just a matter of plug and play.
Features & Benefits:
• Status signaling: Never guess anymore if a contactor is switched on or off: the LED on the ECM clearly shows the status of the contactor.
• Requires no external power: The contactor in the ECM is activated by the power of the controller. No power supply is required, just one signal wire to the controller.
• Switches auxiliary equipment up to 15A: Safely switch your auxiliary equipment on and off based on light cycle, using a high quality European contactor.
• Plug and play installation: Mount it right next to the equipment you want to control, and just plug in the (safe, low voltage) control wire in the ECM and the controller.
• Available in local plug versions: The ECM1 is available with EU, US (120 and 240), EU, UK, AUS, IT and other plugs.
ECM Voltage                       240V
ECM Current                      15A AC3
ECM Switch type               DPST (Double pole, single throw)
ECM AC terminals            Male and female plug (depending on market and voltage), 40 cm / 1’ 4” cords
ECM Steering Input         Low voltage from controller, cage clamps
ECM On-indication          Blue LED