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Fibrgro Coco Buffered Open Top Bag 2 Gallon



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Perfect cost-effective solution for commercial indoor, greenhouse and outdoor crops:


Fibrgro is a sustainable, high-performing washed and buffered coco substrate specifically designed and produced for the professional horticulture industry.


Optimized irrigation and nutrient control: 


Fibrgro coco fiber, pith and husk blend has the ideal air-to-water ratio property promoting root-zone oxygenation levels and excellent drainage for healthy root development.


Features & Benefits


  • Triple washed & buffered coco coir – wind & sun-dried chips
  • Low EC and ideal pH for better control of nutrient management
  • EC = < 0.5 mS/cm & pH-H2O = 5.5 – 7.0
  • Designed for commercial growing facilities for consistent results
  • Ready to use! Just saturate and plant!
  • Best suited for frequent watering / fertigation & dosing systems
  • Pre-made drainage slits and plant holes
  • Plants can be propagated in Open Top Bags on floors & tables
  • Saves time & cost on cultivation room settings
  • Content: 40% coir chips / 60% coir pith
  • Coco mix blend: 60-65% water holding capacity / field capacity (WHC)
  • Compostable & biodegradable (plastic bag is recyclable)