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EcoPlus® Adjustable Water Pump 291 GPH


This line of adjustable water pumps offers an energy efficient magnetic ferrite rotor with a ceramic shaft, vastly improving GPH and head pressure that is needed in hydroponic systems, fountains and more. These pumps are manufactured with a built-in flow regulator allowing full adjustability of your water movement. Included with each pump are three sizes of fittings that easily attach to the outside threaded distribution outlet. 172 GPH thru 370 GPH models include a 6 ft 120 volt power cord
1. Precise high aluminum ceramic shaft for fresh and sea water dual use.
2. Double water-cooled structure for rapid heat dissipation.
3. Adopts high quality resin to seal the winding and never leak electricity.
4. Super quality ABS plastic housing, which is anticorrosive and anti-striking.
5. Can be operated submersible or in-line.