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Double Ended Cool Tube 6″ Reflector


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  • Cool tubes are an air-tight, fully sealed clear glass tube with a lamp holder mounted in the center at one end. Perfect for removing excess heat generated by HID grow lights efficiently.
  • Air is usually pulled (but can be pushed) over the lamp by adding an extractor fan to one side of the tube usually via some flexible ducting. The hot vented air is then sucked or blown away either directly outside or some may still want to use a carbon filter on the cool tube ducting outlet.
  • Very effective cool tubes can remove 65-75% of any excess heat that is being generated. Obviously the cool tube relies on your choice of a quality fan for it to work to it’s potential
  • Fit for most Double Ended HPS and MH bulbs
  • Made from highly reflective textured Italian VEGA aluminum, boosts reflectivity by 20% compared to standard aluminum reflectors, excellent light reflectivity rating of 95%, contouring of the polished reflective surface ensures no hot spots or dead spots
  • Flexible Ducting 6″ can fit well on either end of the air cooled tube
  • Internal and external reflectors included. External reflector is removable.
  • Comes with built-in socket and 15′ pre-wired lamp cord.
  • ETL Listed