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T-TekHydro 150W CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Light




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T-TekHydro CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Lights are perfect for new and experienced growers as they provide the blue and red spectrums of light that is essential for healthy plant growth and flower production.

T-TekHydro CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Lights are the latest in horticultural technology, they are enhanced with red and blue colour temperatures to provide both essential light wavelengths throughout the growing process. As a result you are always guaranteed optimum plant yields.

T-TekHydro CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Lights contain a mix of red (2700K) and blue (6400K) to provide the plant a mixed spectrum, suitable for use throughout a plants life.

T-TekHydro CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Lights provide your plants with lots of usable light for best growth and yield.
T-TekHydro CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Lights give off very little heat, meaning you can place them close to your plants for maximum output.
As the lamps are self-ballasted, you simply screw the CFL into your reflector, giving you great convenience and flexibility – as well as cost savings

Features and Benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Low heat output
  • Energy efficient
  • Works well in small & medium grow areas
  • Can be used during vegetative and flowering phases of growth
  • Fits CFL Reflectors

150 Watts