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Clonex® Root Maximizer Mycorrhizae Soluble 4oz


The Clonex brand is the world leader in plant propagation, and has been for nearly 30 years. Clonex Root Maximizer is the newest addition to the Clonex propagation product line.
Clonex Root Maximizer is a mycorrhizae product that’s ideal for use on young plants. Over the course of the plant’s growth cycle the mycorrhizae will aid in helping the plant reach its genetic potential.
For the grower, this means potential for a better-quality plant that produces higher yields.
Mycorrhizae is a beneficial root fungus that aids plant roots in absorbing minerals and water from soil. There are various forms of mycorrhizae, but only one works with the majority of plants.
In this case Clonex Root Maximizer consists of Endomycorrhizae, which is that one.
Mycorrhizae can aid plants in multiple ways including:
– Improving plant growth
– Helping with plant tolerance to soil issues including excess heavy metals and salts
– Enhancing plant transplant success
– Increasing plant root development
– Boosting plant resistance to disease and drought
How to Use:
The guidelines for using Clonex Root Maximizer are the same for using any mycorrhizae product. One item to pay special attention to is the type of fertilizer you use in conjunction with it.
Fertilizers with a high Phosphorus content can suppress Mycorrhizae. When using mycorrhizae, it may be ideal to consider using an organic fertilizer that will not hinder its effectiveness.
Soluble is ideal for hydroponic application. The soluble version is technically suspendable, not soluble, so expect to see the product within your liquid as it will not dissolve.