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CLONES 16 oz



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Elite 91 CLONES –
Elite 91 CLONES liquid rooting compound is a winning combination of two very powerful root inducing hormones making it extremely effective and potent, a simple 5 second dip in the rooting compound is all it takes to initiate the formation of strong healthy roots. CLONES is formulated in liquid form for more equal distribution and absorption of the root inducing hormones, which is systemically absorbed directly into the cutting’s plant tissue, immediately triggering the fast response for rapid development of vigorous, white roots. The liquid compound will not rinse, wash or wipe away, ensuring optimal root success every time. CLONES is unlike any rooting gels or powders which are inconsistent with this systematic delivery. It has been extensively tested by professional and novice growers and has been proven to root any type of plant, regardless of strain, phenotype, herbaceous softwood and hardwood cuttings, unlocking consistent superior results. CLONES is easy and ready to use straight from the bottle, with NO dilution necessary.
100 % REUSABLE with the same great effective and successful rooting results as the first application.
Ready-to-use, No dilution necessary.
Roots any type of plant regardless of strain, phenotype, softwood, hardwood or hard-to-root genetics.
90 to 100 percent overall success rate when directions are followed and the environment is favorable.
Promotes adventitious root formation.
Produces vigorous root development for softwood and hardwood plant cuttings.
Increases cell and tissue growth for explosive root formation.
Promotes abundant roots and consistently roots cuttings rapidly.
Cross contamination eliminated.
Professional results with the highest success rate for plant propagation.
Ideal for all growing methods – Including but not limited to: Rockwool, Oasis wedges, Starter plugs, Soil, Soilless, Coco, and Aeroponics.
Rooting Compound will NOT rinse, wipe or wash off the cutting’s stem.
Systemically absorbed by the cutting’s plant tissue, immediately triggering explosive root development.
Easily produce MORE cuttings with this liquid rooting compound compared to gels and powders.
Superior effectiveness and results compared to gels and powders ANYTIME.
A great start ensures a great finish!
1. Ready-to-use. No dilution necessary. Pour a small amount of Elite 91 CLONES liquid rooting solution into a clean small container.
2. Using a clean and sanitized scalpel, razor or scissors, take a cutting from a healthy, disease-free mother plant directly beneath the node at a 45 degree angle. Remove large leaves or cut them in half to help prevent water loss through transpiration. The cutting is less likely to wilt. (OPTIONAL : GROWER’S TIP – VERY gently scrape or shave off the epidermal layer of the cutting’s stem about 1 inch in height, all the way around, exposing (the light green) cambium layer of the cutting’s stem. This is the optimal method to trigger and focus the cuttings response to form healthy, adventitious roots along the base.)
3. Immediately submerge the cutting’s stem into the rooting solution to the optimal rooting depth for at least 5 seconds. (OPTIMAL – 0.5 to 1 inch in height from the base for 5 to 20 seconds for softwood plants and 10 to 30 seconds for hardwood plants.)
4. Insert the plant cutting into a moist, preferred choice of growing medium. (OPTIMAL- Use a plant propagation kit with a clear humidity dome, maintain an ideal environment with temperatures ranging from 72 to 78 degrees and high humidity of 80 percent and up with good air circulation and lighting.) GROWER’S TIP – In conjunction with taking cuttings, pre-soak your preferred choice of growing medium using a light base nutrient solution and Elite 91 ROOTS – Root & Plant Growth Enhancer at 1 – 10 ml per gallon of water to protect, stimulate and boost vitality.