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CIRRUS DUO LED Full spectrum Grow Light



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CIRRUS LED Grow Lights is a part of that revolution. We are pushing the envelope to develop LED lighting systems that can speed up plant growth and grow healthier, better products. We are focused on your needs.

We innovate to decrease power consumption, increase yield and grow the highest quality plants imaginable to magnify your ROI. We take this mission to heart. Our planet’s growing population needs better ways to sustainably produce food and we believe LED tech is a part of that solution.

Cirrus LED Grow Lights, an industry-leader in innovative LED technology, is here to help you realize your full indoor growing potential.

Our state-of-the-art LED grow lights offer the industry’s only true full-spectrum lighting options on the market. Allow our team to help you choose exactly the
right grow light set up to increase your yields and maximize efficiency for your small indoor grow, research facility, or large-scale commercial greenhouse operation.

Healthy and strong clones make healthy and strong plants.

The DUO LED Clone Stick is the only option for serious growers who want professional cloning results. Our light spectrum is optimized for plants in the cloning phase to speed maturity with uncanny results. If you’re not cloning with the right tools, you’re missing out.

The DUO LED will take your growing to the next level. The four-foot light is the perfect form factor for rack mounting or stand alone use. Included cabling and hardware make DUO LED simple to mount and wire with the ability to daisy chain a set of lights together!


• LED Wattage: 38.4W
• Power Draw: 24W
• Voltage: 85 to 260V input voltage
• Durable powder coat finish
• 192 LED Cirrus diodes
• Angled LED strips for maximum coverage
• Certifications: CE, ROHS
• Diameter: 1.5″
• Length: 48″