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Chikamasa B-500SLF Garden Scissors



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An efficient harvest tool, the Chikamasa B-500SLF is ideal for grape trimming and pruning, as well as high-end bud production.
With no spring, Chikamasa B-500SLF shears are the perfect tool for trimmers. Made of stainless steel with a fluorine coating, making them resistant to sap and resin build up.
Designed for bonsai masters, the B-300 series is made from the highest-quality Japanese materials for accuracy and endurance
The outside of B-500 line’s blade is grinded round, so it would not damage grain of grape.
Model B-500SLF has a blade angled of L type and this makes convenient for working at high place.
Total Length:           155mm
Blade Length:          35mm
Blade:                        high-quality stainless steel / high-quality fluorine coating
Handle:                     elastomer
Made in Japan